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Conscious Parenting Methodology

A shift in the hierarchical philosophy of how we “raise” our children. This holds the philosophy that we must be conscious of our own emotions when raising our children! This way, we can look at the role our emotions, as parents and as humans, plays into the behaviors of our children. Only with awareness and consciousness, can we then guide our children to reach their fullest potential!!

LEARN the “How to” skills with your children
How to stop yelling
How to get your children to LISTEN
How to LET GO of distracting thoughts
How to develop PATIENCE
How to have JOY with your children
How to create TIME with your children
How to CONNECT to your children
How to disintegrate the POWER struggles
How to help our children COMMUNICATE
How to hear their NEEDS underneath the distracting behavior
How to not get distracted by our children’s behavior
How to stay focused in what WORKS
How to be EFFECTIVE with our children
How to EMPOWER our children
Does this sound foreign and too good to be true?
Do you tell yourself “this sounds good in theory?”
Do you ask yourself “How can I attain these goals?”
Evidenced based research on Conscious Parenting has been shown to:


•Enhance self-confidence
•Enhance parent/child relationships
•Improve ability to manage emotions
• Decrease harmful or unhelpful behaviors
• Reduce frustrations and meltdowns
• Improve ability to manage temper tantrums
• Increase in connectivity
• Increase Joy
So WHAT to do?
TRANSFORM OURSELVES…  by learning how to manage our own emotions.  TRANSFORM OUR CHILDREN… Through managing our reactions.
Be my partner in your journey to joy!!