Susie Katz, LCSW PA

“Build a Mindful Life:  A Journey to JOY”

Conscious Parenting Expert/ Mindfulness Practitioner/ DBT Specialist


Susie Katz, LCSW
DBT Behavioral Specialist/Conscious Parenting Expert

Licensed Psychotherapist
Susie Katz is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in Conscious Parenting, Mindful Living, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Her private practice work centers on the integration of Western Psychology and Eastern Philosophy, declaring her a mindfulness and parenting expert in her field. Susie holds a combination of degrees in both Psychology; from The University of Florida, and a Master’s in Clinical Social Work from Florida International University. Susie currently writes, speaks, conducts seminars; and provides private individual and group sessions with a focus on conscious parenting and mindful living. This work exemplifies effectiveness in breaking FREE from anxiety resulting from conditioned parental and cultural patterns; and leading into manifesting the greatest freedom and JOY.

Community Activist
Susie is highly involved in community functions and services! In 2015, Susie cofounded and served as a board member/family liaison for a Non- Profit, Coconut Grove Neighborhood Pre-School named in honor her baby girl’s memory, Skylar Mai.  Susie is dedicated to supporting community functions and family centered schools where consciousness is paramount.

Susie provides free monthly offerings to the parenthood community on conscious parenting to help fill the need for parental support.

Susie is a mother of three. Her oldest daughter was born medically fragile, and she lost her precious baby girl at just 9 months old.  Susie was blessed to be kissed by an angel for these 9 months. The following year on Valentine’s Day; Susie was blessed again in welcoming her 1st baby boy. Then again, 22 1/2 months later, Susie welcomed her 2nd baby boy! Susie resides in Coconut Grove; Florida, where she and her husband are raising their family. Susie’s expertise is unique as she has been on both sides of the couch.  She is intesively trained in treating trauma survivors and resulting anxiety; as well as being a trauma survivor herself.  This combination allows her the comprehensive opportunity to understand, empathize, and teach healing. You will hear first hand how she personally created a meaningful life to thriving joy, as she overcame the depths of her pain!