Susie Katz, LCSW PA

“Build a Mindful Life:  A Journey to JOY”

Behavior Specialist and Parenting Expert/ Mindfulness Practitioner


Susie Katz, LCSW
Conscious Behavioral Specialist
Mindfulness and Parenting Expert

Licensed Psychotherapist
Susie Katz is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in conscious behavioral therapy. Her private practice is based on the integration of Western Psychology and Eastern Philosophy, declaring her a mindfulness and parenting expert in her field. Susie holds a combination of degrees in both Psychology; from The University of Florida, and a Master’s in Clinical Social Work from Florida International University. Susie currently writes, speaks, conducts seminars; and provides private sessions with a focus on conscious living. This approach to parenting and living is based on the amazing teachings of Dr. Shefali Tsabary. This work exemplifies effectiveness in breaking FREE from conditioned and cultural patterns to manifesting JOY.

Co-Founder/ Board Member of Skylar Mai Hebrew Montessori
Susie is also highly involved in community functions and services!! In 2015, Susie helped to co-found and serves as a board member for a Non- Profit, Coconut Grove Neighborhood Pre-School named Skylar Mai Hebrew Montessori. This school is close to her heart in many ways; as it is named in honor her baby girl’s memory, Skylar Mai. Susie is dedicated to providing a community school for all children to attend where consciousness is paramount. Currently our school is in the process of infusing Consciousness as a core value of the school.